Marco Grafe

Zeiss Digital Solution

Digital twin in manufacturing from theory to practical implementation: The path to better production planning (11:55 - 12:00)

The digital twin is not just a simulation-capable 3D model of an asset, as is often believed. During the manufacturing and operation of a product, a wide variety of data of different types is generated. This data must be centralized and stored in a machine-readable form. This results in a digital twin with a wide variety of aspects. The automation of the information flow from the real object to the digital object and back can be used to determine the maturity of the digital twin. A practical implementation can be done with the help of the Asset Administration Shell concept. This concept has been spreading massively since 2022 and has a high potential to function as a future industry standard due to its high level of standardization.

Heimdall project: #Teil 5 Visual Inspection System for Predictive Maintenance of Overhead Transportation Vehicles (15:50 - 15:55)

The overhead hoist transportation system in a semiconductor factory must be highly available to avoid stopping the entire production flow in the event of a failure. Accordingly, unplanned failures of individual vehicles are highly critical. In order to be able to automatically detect signs of damage to the chassis, a visual inspection system was installed. This scans, analyzes and evaluates the condition of the chassis of a vehicle at full speed. The complete system is integrated into the existing infrastructure, which was developed during the first phases of the HEIMDALL project.

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