Sophie Cordeiro


Important Project of Common European Interest on Microelectronics and Communication Technologies (IPCEI ME/CT)

This is a compilation of three presentations of the IPCEI ME/CT and 13 participating companies, that only work if they run one after the other.
The IPCEI ME/CT was jointly prepared and notified by fourteen Member States and involves 68 projects from 56 companies. It concerns research and development projects covering microelectronics and communication technologies across the whole value chain from materials and tools to the chip designs and manufacturing processes.
These projects aim at enabling the digital and green transformation by: (i) creating innovative microelectronics and communication solutions, and (ii) developing energy-efficient and resource-saving electronics systems and manufacturing methods. They will contribute to the technological advancement of many sectors, including communications (5G and 6G), autonomous driving, artificial intelligence and quantum computing. They will also support companies active in the energy generation, distribution and use in their green transition.
In this presentation the IPCEI ME/CT as a whole is presented.

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