Alexey Dolbunov

Polyn Technology Ltd

Neuromorphic technology and ultra-low-power chips

Polyn Technology Ltd is at the forefront of developing the Neuromorphic Analog Signal Processing (NASP) technology and Neuromorphic Front End (NFE) chip architecture, a groundbreaking solution aimed at addressing the challenges posed by the exponential growth of sensor data and the increasing computational resources required to process it. Our innovative approach combines artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms with sensors on a single chip, revolutionizing data processing capabilities.
With NASP, we introduce a paradigm shift in data processing by enabling on-chip pre-processing, reducing data size by an astonishing 1000 times before it is sent for further analysis. This significant reduction in data size translates into a substantial decrease in bandwidth, computational resources, and power consumption. It not only improves efficiency and cuts costs but also facilitates the widespread implementation of battery-less devices powered by energy harvesting technologies.
We collaborate with Fraunhofer IPMS via ASCENT+ on technology development.

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