Nicole Zwetsloot

Brainport Development

How Brainport Eindhoven's Triple Helix Collaboration is Addressing the Labour Shortage

Brainport Eindhoven is growing even faster than expected. The growth of technical companies is leading to a substantial increase in the number of jobs in industry at all levels. About 52,700 additional jobs are expected to be filled in Tech and IT in the Brainport region by 2032. Getting started with these growth projections requires a broad view. For example, the region can only consolidate its growth figures if there is sufficient housing, the region is easily accessible, there is room for additional housing and scaling up of new innovative companies, and if sufficient talent is available.
Brainport Development, the regional economic development agency, has been working with regional stakeholders and the Dutch government on a regional agenda, Scalejump Talent - the region`s Human Capital Agenda, where they propose five measures to address labour market issues in engineering and IT.
1. Increase participation rate
2. Increase students in STEM education
3. Retain talent for engineering & IT
4. Increase productivity growth
5. Attracting and retaining international talent

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