Matthias Wählisch

TU Dresden and Barkhausen Institut

RIOT, the Friendly Operating System for the IoT

In this presentation, we will introduce RIOT, an open-source and free operating system for constrained IoT devices. RIOT powers the Internet of Things like Linux powers the Internet. The RIOT community consists of companies, academias, and hobbyist, distributed all around the world. RIOT aims to implement all relevant open standards supporting an Internet of Things that is connected, secure, durable, and privacy-friendly. We are one of the co-founders of RIOT. Originally based in Berlin, we moved to Dresden, Saxony to unlock the potentials of Europes most important microelectronic place by software. In this presentation, we do not only raise awareness for a fundamental software platform and introduce RIOT principles but also give a glimpse into cutting-edge services and applications on top of RIOT such as digital currencies.

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