Josephine Seifert


Empowering Saxony: Leveraging Cloud Ecosystems on Open-Source Foundation

In today`s increasingly digital world, the need for European businesses to enhance their sovereignty and competitiveness is more pressing than ever. By harnessing the power of open, operational cloud software and standards, companies can pave the way for growth and innovation while challenging the dominance of Silicon Valley tech giants.
Open source software plays a crucial role in this endeavor, enabling companies with limited resources to build sovereign cloud infrastructures and compete on a global scale. Associations like ALASCA promote collaboration and foster exchanges between companies, transcending boundaries. Collaboration within open source ecosystems is key to driving technological advancements in the cloud sector, empowering companies to focus on creativity and innovation.
Join us as we explore how Saxony can leverage open-source foundations and cloud ecosystems to drive economic growth, foster innovation, and pose a formidable challenge to the tech giants of Silicon Valley.

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