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Danny Hess

Eurocres Consulting GmbH

The ActiveOffice: Shaping healthier and more efficient Future Workspaces​

In an era where the mobility of work culture is rapidly evolving, the design and function of office spaces are undergoing significant transformation.
This presentation, led by Danny Hess, Architect and Senior Project Manager at Eurocres Consulting, highlights how modern office and laboratory environments are not just spaces for work but foundations for health, efficiency, and talent acquisition.
The drive towards active and efficiant Offices is a response to the dual challenges of sedentary work lifestyles and the inefficient use of space that define much of today`s office environments. By integrating principles of movement and activity-based working, Danny Hess outlines a vision for office spaces that significantly enhance physical well-being and space utilization. This approach not only addresses health concerns related to prolonged sitting and lack of movement but also presents a compelling value proposition for attracting and retaining top talents.
In this presentation, attendees will gain insights into the transformative potential of Active Offices. Danny Hess will share examples, quick wins and best practices that illustrate how these dynamic spaces serve as a cornerstone for more sustainable and efficient building usage. The discussion extends beyond the immediate benefits for individual health and productivity, emphasizing the strategic importance of such environments in creating attractive, vibrant workplaces that appeal to forward-thinking professionals.
While the conference explores a wide range of technical and digital advancements, the Active Office concept presents a unique opportunity to rethink workspace design in a way that harmonizes with overarching goals of sustainability (efficiency), strategic HR management (scaling), and talent development for the future.
Join us to explore how the offices of the future are not just places of work but ecosystems designed for well-being, efficiency, and the holistic development of the workforce.

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