Björn Zeugmann

Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS Design Automation Division EAS

Energy saving with maintenance-free sensing in buildings - project ENDEMAR

Intelligent control of energy consumers in buildings, like lightning, heating or air conditioning, is a key technology to achieve significant energy savings in daily use. Starting from small or private buildings the capability for savings scales up to e.g. production halls, big public places or districts.
Such a intelligent control should be based on application specific, maintenance-free sensors and active control functions. The system complexity should meet the sweet spot between minimum needed functionality and maximum self energy saving to ensure a long runtime without changing a battery.
In this presentation a design concept of such a wireless Internet of Things (IoT) system is shown to achieve at least 10 years maintenance-free operation. As a compact and affordable design, the use of simple low-cost sensor technology is considered whereas the focus is on the energy management concept and careful selection of microelectronic components in order to ensure highly efficient energy harvesting from weak energy input of indoor solar cells or active switching devices at wall control units.

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