Ann-Christin Bette

Infineon Technologies

Infineon’s new PSoC Edge: Entering the Era of Edge AI

The market for edge AI is expected to grow to USD 107.47 billion by 2029. Using AI directly at the edge - on a device such as a smartwatch, a phone, or a service robot - opens up new possibilities for digital applications. However, unlike AI models that run in the cloud, there are some limitations. Infineon is addressing these challenges and offers a complete solution based on AI-enabled hardware combined with software tools that enable non-programmers and AI novices to train their own AI models and deploy them on hardware for production use cases. This talk will introduce the field of edge AI and highlight current challenges. It will provide insights into our brand new PSoC Edge microcontroller ( https://www.infineon.com/cms/en/product/microcontroller/32-bit-psoc-arm-cortex-microcontroller/32-bit-psoc-edge-arm/ ), which is optimized for the use of AI, as well as Imagimob Studio ( https://www.imagimob.com/ ), the software tool for creating AI models for Infineon hardware.

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