Alexander Türpe

TUD | excitelab - A SpinLab Company

Introducing TUD|ExciteLab - a SpinLab Company

Attention, this information cannot be communicated externally until Silicon Saxony Day. Kindly treat it confidentially.
TUD | EXCITE, TUDAG, and SpinLab are collaborating to establish an accelerator in Dresden under the ExciteLab brand.
Introducing ExciteLab - a new high-tech accelerator for Dresden, where scientific excellence meets transfer expertise. We are launching a novel accelerator program by leveraging the proven success of the internationally renowned SpinLab. This six-month collaborative initiative will focus on key themes, including IoT, semiconductors, robotics, sensors, and quantum computing (SW/HW). During the presentation, our goal is to provide insights into the new program, goals, and plans for strengthening the Saxon innovation ecosystem.

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