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Yoo Yeob Jung

Yoo Yeob Jung

Yoo Yeob Jung
Nanotech Digital GmbH

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3D Automatic X-Ray Inspection for Package Defect and Electric Components Defect

What is 3D AXI? It uses X-rays as its source to automatically inspect features, which are typically hidden from optical view. 3D AXI is automatically inspects the defects of products in customer's line with high-speed 3D CT tomography.

Able to inspect every defect of double-sided PCBA & BGA mounted components precisely by solving overlapped X-ray image issue. Inspection speed of 4.5 sec/FOV from loading to automatic Good/NG judgement.

It can help current defect issue on multilayer products. This can greatly contribute to the discovery of flaws in the field of automotive electronics that have not been tested in recent Vision inspection methods.

This inspection method aims at the complete elimination of defects through high-speed 3D X-ray complete inspection at the mass production line, such as an electric car, which contains a large number of electronic parts. It has improved the speed and tube persistence which is the limitation of the existing 3D X-ray inspection, and it is suitable for mass production inspection

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