1627Industrial Internet of Things


Prof. Dr. Andreas Vogelsang

Universität zu Köln

Prof. Dr. Andreas Vogelsang

How mature is MBSE in your company?

Many companies try to manage the increasing complexity of their products by using model-based systems engineering (MBSE). However, introducing MBSE is a challenge that should not be done in one step. Process improvement frameworks, like CMMI, are of little help as they are too generic and often also too "heavyweight".

We present a maturity model that is specifically tailored to the introduction of MBSE. The model defines a set of capabilities. These capabilities address context, requirements, functional and system modeling, as well as integration and testing. The model is used to assess where a company stands in the introduction of MBSE and in which areas it is worthwhile to advance MBSE. The model considers the goals and circumstances of the company.

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