1331Maintenance Management 4.0


Jochen Kinauer

Director Channel Sales camLine Dresden GmbH

Jochen Kinauer

Jochen Kinauer
Director Channel Sales
camLine Dresden GmbH

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Advanced Maintenance Management in Manufacturing

The purpose of intelligent maintenance is more than just organizing the maintenance staff! – It must analyze process data for predictive maintenance, observe the material flow, organize spare part inventory, coordinate the maintenance staff and, of course, document maintenance activities. In addition, it is important in a complex production with large plant inventory that the maintenance measures and experiences are documented as best-known methods (BKM).

Advanced Maintenance Management improves the overall equipment performance and manufacturing quality. Dispatching of maintenance technicians based on production load and availability of manpower is a key enabler to improve the efficiency of equipment technicians and guarantees consistent and documented maintenance execution. Manufacturing operations benefits from the reporting functions and can track the average duration of maintenance tasks.

This presentation is based on implemented maintenance tools in semiconductor manufacturing lines and will give an overview about maintenance methods, execution and results.

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