1619Industrial Internet of Things


Dr. Andreas Frotzscher

Fraunhofer IIS/EAS

Dr. Andreas Frotzscher

5G to slow for you? Ultra-reliable and real-time wireless industrial network

Control applications in industrial automation set very high requirements on the real-time capability of the employed communication system. Especially when connecting moving plant components, wireless transmission systems offer significant advantages over wired solutions. For this application, Fraunhofer IIS has developed the wireless communication technology UWIN. This technology provides extremely low transmission latencies and flexibly adaptable cycle times in the range < 1 ms in combination with a outstanding reliability and is designed as a wireless extension of wired real-time fieldbus systems. At HMI, Fraunhofer IIS present an Evaluation Kit of the UWIN technology, which allows customers to evaluate the performance of UWIN in its own application environment. This talk summarizes the typical requirements of automation applications and presents the developed novel wireless communication technology UWIN and its evaluation kit.

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