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RFID Solutions

RFID Solutions

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) is the contactless exchange of data between an RFID transponder and an RFID read/write device. For data transmission, the RFID read/write device builds up a magnetic or electromagnetic field that supplies the passive RFID transponder with energy. As long as the RFID transponder is in the electromagnetic field of the RFID read/write device, it is supplied with energy and data can be exchanged. Information can be read from the chip of the RFID transponder, but also new data can be stored on the chip.

This year's RFID session will focus not only on the application of smart cards, RFID antennas, bus systems, NFC and RFID hard tags, but also on the influences of different materials on corresponding solutions. In addition, the connection of such components to blockchain systems will be presented and discussed. Especially applications in and for the logistics industry, e.g. for intelligent shelving, play a role here. But also sensor applications will be presented in this environment.

We invite you to share and discuss your RFID use cases, expectations for RFID applications, current challenges and next steps in the deployment of RFID solutions!

The session is presented by SenSa - Innovation Cluster Sensor Technology Saxony.

The presentations of the session at a glance:




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