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Materials and Technologies

Materials and Technologies

The boom of the nano- and microelectronics industry is noticeable worldwide. The shortage of semiconductors in the automotive industry in particular painfully demonstrated how dependent various industries are on these small components today. Europe's Industry Commissioner Breton summed it up with his statement "more chips from Europe". From a world market share of 10 percent, European chip production is to increase to at least 20 percent in the coming decade. Germany, or more precisely Saxony, as Europe's largest and strongest microelectronics cluster, is thus increasingly taking center stage when it comes to technological sovereignty in the semiconductor sector.

In this year's "Materials and Technologies" session we are therefore clearly focusing on the topic of nano- and microelectronics. We will take an in-depth look at the ForLabs project and microelectronics research in Germany. However, the topics of force sensors and measurement in microelectronics, insulation processes for automotive microelectronics, flexible printed circuit board technologies and non-volatile memory technologies will not be neglected in this top-class session. As a small outlier in the otherwise quite semiconductor-heavy round of presentations, we offer an insight into the FAST project - communication technologies in real time.

We invite you to share and discuss your use cases, expectations and questions in the field of nano- and microelectronics as well as your current challenges and next steps in deploying semiconductor solutions!

The session is presented by TechnologieZentrumDresden GmbH.

The presentations of the session at a glance:

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