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Materials and Technologies

Materials and Technologies

SENSORS are the ultimate requirement for hidden gatherer and an essential part for any smart, artificial, intelligent, automated and autonomous system. Even if this session addresses the general topic SENSORS there will be a special focus on downscaling, intelligent sensors, sensor fusion, connected sensors, leading edge security and safety sensors as well as bio-sensors.

The session is initiated and organized by "SenSa Innovationscluster Sensorik Sachsen".

About "SenSa Innovationscluster Sensorik Sachsen"

The project intends to link researchers, developers, producers and users at the business location Saxony in order to jointly work on sensor technology solutions of the future.

This measure is co-financed with tax revenues on the basis of the budget passed by the deputies of the Saxon Landtag.

Session Chair(s)

  • Stefan Uhlig
    Silicon Saxony / SenSa Innovationscluster Sensorik Sachsen

Connected Speakers

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