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According to the United Nations it is expected that the current world population of around 7 billion people will reach 9.7 billion by 2050. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization predicts the need to boost worldwide food production by 70 percent over the next several decades in order to feed the growth of population. This requests a fundamental shift in agriculture based on new technologies. Sensing the growth conditions of crop, fruits, vegetables as well as farm animals, analyzing the status of their growth and health, recommending actions, applying the lessons learned to their next generation: these all are tasks for new smart systems combining hardware and software solutions with connectivity. Looking at the latest developments in agriculture, agricultural robots, smart green houses, precision and smart farming, autonomous driving of machines and livestock monitoring are hot topics worldwide.

This session will show what is ongoing within Silicon Saxony and the Smart Systems Hub right now. Thereby a link will be set to the activities of the Saxon State Ministry of the Environment and Agriculture, especially to the “Simul+initiative and the Simul+InnovationHUB”. We invite you to share your expertise and to discuss challenges and next steps.

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