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Digital Twins

Digital Twins

How to manage and grow a digital business? The answer to this is manifold and different for each company and market. We will invite experts of the industry to share their stories, experiences and best practices in order to provide guidance and inspiration. Topics of interest are for example proven models for inhouse innovations, the establishment of a living company culture, the recruiting of today’s top talents, or effective marketing strategies for a B2B software service offering.

Founders and decisions makers of software companies and related industries are welcome to join the sessions, involve themselves in lively discussions, and get in touch with each other.

How can digital twins be used in production? How do such digital models improve workflow, product or process quality, or simplify risk management? In addition to an in-depth look at the digital factory or building of the future, we will also turn to current use cases, e.g. in the areas of warehousing or logistics, in this varied session.  Learn all about these helpful 3D models, about their code design but also about possible use cases.

Developers and decision makers of software companies are welcome in this session as well as representatives of all user industries. Benefit from comprehensive insights, discussions and concrete product presentations.

The session is presented by Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH & Co. KG.

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