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Artificial Intelligence

– From Automation to AI in Production

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an exciting global trend in the technological world related to machine learning and deep learning. It is not new but comes now to effectiveness that certifies it to call it AI. In the near future, AI based applications will be a substantial part of our everyday life and are expected to have taken over major everyday tasks. Following this path there are still challenges to be solved:

AI algorithms requiring powerful hardware for computation, but moving to the edge because of strong requirements (latency, low power, always-on, etc.) is not so easy. Plus, with the end of Moore’s law, the hardware must now be specialized. How to build trust? People are tend to stay away from anything complicated. And what are new killer applications? AI is already there in smartphones and drones, the robot home business is expected to follow soon. What is next?

We invite you to share and discuss your AI use cases and expectations about applications, challenges, next steps with us!

AI up close – Visit the KI4me Roadshow by Fraunhofer
Gain insight into the results of the study “Artificial Intelligence – Competences and Innovation Potential in Saxony” and use the Roadshow-Stop in our exhibition area as an all-day exchange platform for networking and initiating joint AI projects. The format is ideal both for AI-experienced companies and for newcomers, in order to sound out potentials and establish powerful cooperations. Look forward to the presentation of the project results and the AI map of Saxony for projects from industry and science.

The following AI demonstrators are on site:

- VR Glasses- Language assistance during the city tour
- Event-based image processing
- Biosignal processing in real time
- AI-based damage analysis on an electric drive
- Optical activity detection using vision system-on-chip

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