Track & Trace

Security and safety in logistics, process and general communication are of outmost importance. How to do so is presented in different ways be combining RF technologies for certain benefits to track and trace goods as well as sensitive information. 


RFID-supported track and trace system accompanying production of safety-relevant car body parts - Christian Gaiser und Frank Pyritz - fischer Rohrtechnik GmbH und SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH

The ring of protection: Enable perfect security for your messages - Stephan Radke - Linxens Germany GmbH

RTLS - just to know where it is … - Peter Feldmann - KATHREIN Solutions GmbH

MEMS Inertial Sensors for Pedestrian Dead Reckoning - Dirk Droste - Bosch SensorTec

Smart keyless access control demonstrator based on Ultra-Wideband - Kirsten Marschner - Deveritec GmbH

Communication, positioning and sensing - in the jungle of standards between challenges and limits for traffic telematics - Prof. Oliver Michler - TU Dresden - ITVS

Connected Speakers

Kirsten Marschner
deveritec GmbH
Frank Pyritz
SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH
Dirk Droste
Bosch SensorTec
Prof. Oliver Michler
TU Dresden - ITVS
Stephan Radke
Linxens Germany GmbH
Christian Gaiser
fischer Rohrtechnik GmbH
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