Thorsten Rasch

SMC Deutschland

Business after Covid-19 - Everything digital and decentralized?

The last 4 years changed the world of business. People working remote, products were sold in Teams Meetings or Phone. The whole world was affected by supply chain issues or is still suffering. The question is how to react as a company to all these requirements. Which things will stay or vanish again.

In this keynote I will cover 2 things out of these different issues.

Our business is global and also local. This reflects new strategies in supply chain and to secure the operations. We can´t rely on deliveries from individual countries as we have done in the past. We therefore have developed a Business Continuity Plan which reflects different fields like: IT, Finance, Supply Chain, Production and Sales. In my keynote I will give some concrete examples how to react on this.

Another point is the sales. How will sales be executed in future. How to find the balance between remote and on-site (face-to-face) sales. Is it possible to win new customer remotely? How to manage existing customer if they also working from the home office. The future will be hybrid. As well data driven customer approach will play a more dominant role in B2B. I will give some examples how data and sales come together.

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