Stefanie Wolff-Rieck

Embedded AI (Business Unit of Linguwerk GmbH)

Sustainable Energy Management using AI based IoT Platform

Energy consumption appears in various distrubuted devices, such as heating systems, cars, electronic devices, home appliances, and many more. The talk faces a cloud platform technology that is connected to distributed IoT devices. The IoT devices measure consumption of energy but also other quantities of cost generating media and send the measured values to the collecting cloud platform. This can be heating costs, water consumption, garbage collection, mobile devices, and many more. The connected sensor technology shall be as cost and energy effectiv as possible with very limited installation efforts, since that is the only way for a broad roll-out in practical systems (limited battery change, limited hardware costs, limited installation costs). This is achieved by LoRa-WAN sensors. We wlcome you to our new IoT-Platform technology of Embedded AI.

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