Peter Feldmann

Senior Sales & Partner Manager KATHREIN Solutions GmbH

Peter Feldmann

RTLS - just to know where it is …

Many companies see the challenge to transfer the first movements of digitalization into production area or logistic operations. To generate transparency in parallel to the daily work without additional effort is the strongest requirement to bring different values like processes, conditions, useful life times or location data in correlation for data mining and business optimization.

Especially the knowledge of the current location of an object whether it is a assembly dolly, a load carrier or a diecasting tooling is the basic requirement for innovative concepts in production or logistic. To reduce the search times, prevent mistakes and their consequential charges as well as to start with paperless production are the quick wins of up to date innovation projects. In future typical application in the production area will be modular production scenarios with changing manufacturing cells or zone based detection of business events.

At the end the solution will be a mixture of different technologies - Kathrein Solutions offers therfore a hybrid approach based on RTLS - RFID - NFC within one system:
-Precise ranging with RTLS (Real Time Location System)
-Automatic identification with UHF RFID - especially if the infrasturcture is already there
-Visualization and user interaction with NFC (Near Field Communication)

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