Focus on Artificial Intelligence

Focus on Artificial Intelligence

Session Chair: Sandy Csisko | elevait GmbH & Co. KG

11:40 - 11:45
Machine learning prediction models for semiconductor fabrication
Lisa-Katharina Reimann, Robert Bosch Semiconductor Manufacturing Dresden GmbH

11:45 - 11:50
Supply Chain Quality Control
Jochen Kinauer, camLine GmbH

11:50 - 11:55
Northfinder - Performance Demonstration for Precision MEMS Gyroscopes
Dr. Roman Forke, Fraunhofer ENAS

11:55 - 12:00
Structured data acquisition with speech AI
Dr. Felix Gräßer, alphaspeech c/o Linguwerk GmbH

12:00 - 12:05
From a traditional machine manufacturer to a data-driven technology company
Stefan Wesenberg, Koenig & Bauer AG

12:05 - 12:20
Questions and Answers

Connected Speakers

Lisa-Katharina Reimann
Robert Bosch Semiconductor Manufacturing Dresden GmbH
Jochen Kinauer
camLine GmbH
Dr. Roman Forke
Fraunhofer ENAS
Dr. Felix Gräßer
alphaspeech c/o Linguwerk GmbH
Stefan Wesenberg
Koenig & Bauer AG
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