Etienne Nouafo


SmartBoxE84 : Innovative and Flexible solution to integrate SEMI E84 standard in Equipment and Fabs

The SmartBoxE84 is a very flexible and innovative SEMI E84 standard integration solution.
SEMI E84 standard is used by tools and vehicles to communicate together through IR before starting a material transfer (load/unload). The Focussia SmartBoxE84 is a smart electronic device that embeds all the SEMI E84 standard to drive the IR transceivers accordingly. With a SmartBoxE84 you can turn any semiconductor manufacturing equipment or vehicle into a SEMI E84 compliant device in just hours. Thanks to its additional inputs and outputs you can integrate additional sensors and devices to adapt the SmartBoxE84 to any use case.

Main features :
- Manages up to 4 E84 ports
- Host communication through TCP API or IOs
- Extended digital Inputs and Outputs to integrate external devices and signals
- Custom E84 sequences
- Remote web administration interface
- Virtual SmartBoxE84 for simulation purpose
- Embedded vehicle simulator
- DIN rail format and 24V DC input

The SmartboxE84 has been first designed for equipment manufacturers to easily integrate E84 specifications, but it has been also used by leading FABS to upgrade legacy equipment to E84. More than 500 of SmartBoxE84 are running in the top Fabs around the world.

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