Dr. Michael Alexander

Roland Berger GmbH

Antifragility in the electronics industry – the next challenge after COVID

• Structural imbalances, fundamental supply chain mismatches, and amplifying external shocks led to a supply crisis in the electronics industry
• Risks are becoming more pronounced, less predictable, and more frequent, putting the electronics industry on a higher stress level
• Antifragility, a concept introduced by Nassim Nicolas Taleb, shows how a system increases in capability to thrive because of external stress
• Antifragile properties - which are fundamentally different from the concepts of resiliency and robustness - need to be developed by the electronics industry
• Decision makers along the electronics value chain must take the crisis as a trigger point to adapt their design, supply, and business strategies to thrive

16.00 - 16.45

Dr. Michael Alexander will also take part in the subsequent panel discussion on Current Supply Chain disruptions from 16.45.

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