Current Supply Chain disruptions – challenge and chance (in german)

Current Supply Chain disruptions – challenge and chance (in german)

Currently the world is facing significant supply challenges. One of the most destructive effects has the shortage of chips. The lack of chips undermines industrial production and economic development across all industrial sectors and has potentially serious societal consequences.

But, at the same time, these supply chain disruptions in semiconductors have focused the world’s attention on chips as the heart of the economy and of our daily lives.

In semiconductors, Europe is strong in some only specific areas, such as in the design of components for power electronics, radio frequency and analogue devices, sensors and microcontrollers that are widely used in the automotive and manufacturing industries.

Despite these strengths, Europe has an overall global semiconductors market share of only 10% and largely relies on third-country suppliers. In case of disruption of the supply chain, Europe gets a severe problem. We can see it now drastically.

Goal of the session is
• to demonstrate the problems on some real showcases
• to discuss the geopolitical and economic background
• to analyze the current activities of the European Commission (Chip Act)
• to discuss, how to implement these chances/challenges into our activities within our industry
• to discuss the possibilities of Silicon Saxony to promote this process

Connected Speakers

Jeroen van der Meer
Dr. Stefan Kluge
Intel Deutschland GmbH
Marek Dirk Jakowatz
Robert Bosch Semiconductor Manufacturing Dresden GmbH
René Reichardt
DAS Environmental Expert GmbH
Sven Böhm
Dr. Michael Alexander
Roland Berger GmbH
Dr. Torsten Thieme
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