Andreas Heinig

Scientific Assistant Fraunhofer IPMS

"Smart Gear"

The combination of functions in a single component, efficient use of limited space, comprehensive acquisition of process and sensor data and development of passive, wireless monitoring systems are in the focus of current research. Additive manufacturing is playing an increasingly important role in these developments, as it is an enabler for free-form structures, allows access to the interior of the component through its layer-by-layer build-up, and facilitates the processing of a wide variety of materials. Within this work, the mentioned aspects are addressed and summarized in the development of a sensor-monitored, wirelessly communicating and additive manufactured gear (material: 16MnCr5). It is presented how an RFID-antenna can simulatively optimized be designed onto a metallic gear, then built up in a single manufacturing process and linked to an in-situ inserted sensor board. The approach is validated by fabrication of a sensor-monitored prototype and verified for its functionality and internal structure.

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